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Champions Trophy

The Champions Trophy is a unique format where the top four seeds get a second chance if they lose their first match. If I beat Rob Fahey tomorrow I go straight to semi final. If I lose to Rob then I play in the QF against John Lumley vs Qualifier which happens to be a Bryn Sayers who qualified the the world championship eliminators last year. There is no easy match but hopefully I can pull. off a victory against Rob so I have few extra rest days. The matches are streamed live on the Royal Tennis Court YouTube channel

I wasn’t able to beat Rob Fahey . Rob won 4/6 6/2 6/0 6/3 in Just under 3 hours so it was a good match. I was happy with how I played for the most match . I wasn’t able to take the points when I needed them most on some important game points I had. Rob also was just a bit better on the whole. John Lumley beat Bryn Sayers after my match 3/6 6/2 6/3 6/5 so I play him tomorrow at 3.15 uk time

I lost to John Lumley today in a gutting loss. I was playing some great tennis and won the first 2 sets 6/3 6/2. I started the 3rd set well too going 2/0 up. John came back to go 3/2 up. I then went 4/3 up 40 love up to go 5/3 up which I really should of done but didn’t. I soon found myself 5/5 all and John played a good 5 all game . The 4th set we traded games but I managed to go 4/3 up and had a game points to go 5/3 up but didn’t take them. We found ourselves again at 5all again. John had got to 40/30 when we changed ends. I hit a dedan to make the score deuce. I saved another set point before having my first match point on the receivers side having to beat last Gallery. John served a bobble and I decided I wanted to rip the ball down the line because I hadn’t done that in a while and though I would catch him off guard. When I hit the ball, I struck it perfectly and thought That was a winner only for the ball to clip the top of the tape. 1/2 inch higher and it would of won the chase and the match. It wasn’t to be. John took the 4th set. The momentum with John, I struggled to find the form I had been showing in the earlier sets. John played well and took the 5th set 6/2 to win 3/6 2/6 6/5 6/5 6/2. As disappointing as this loss is, there are still many positives I can take and bring with me to the next tournament. I know I am playing some very good tennis and learning all the time.

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