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US Pro Singles 2019

The first round of the main draw of the US pro singles playing for the Schochet Cup Cup is just 2 days away. It hasn't been the preparation for me on the court as I have been having trouble with my wrist, Tendinitis. I hit balls for the first time yesterday after 2 weeks of no hitting. Fortunately the wrist did not fell too bad as I had cortisone shot in my wrist on Wednesday . Off the court my preparation has been good. My fitness coach Michael Cecchi has continued to push me hard so at least I am still fit. The draw is a good one for me as I have avoided Camden or Rob in a QF should I get there. My First match is against Barney Tanfield who is a solid player so I have to be on my game to make sure I get a win

I got through my match against Barney 6/5 2/6 6/2 6/2. This was a much tougher match than I was expecting. I was trying to protect my wrist so I didn’t serve railroads. Half way through the 3rd set I had no choice but to bring out the railroad. Barney was playing well and I had to dig deep to win. With the lack of practice leading in to the match showed a bit on court but I feel a good match like that will help against Ben Taylor Matthews tonight. I am scheduled to play at 5pm after Rob Fahey v Steve Virgona.

I lost in four sets to Ben Taylor matthews. This was disappointing but still some good positives to take. Ben has a very tidy game and will ask a lot of questions of his opponent. Having played a tough match against Barney and with very little practice leading in to the match because of my wrist i was really not sure how I would go. I started off playing well and went up 4 games to 1. Ben made a come back to make it 4 all. He picked up his game and I definitely went wandering a little bit. Once I lost the game to go 4 all I told my self to concentrate, work hard and 1 point at a time. I played 2 good games to take the set. Start of the second set i really wanted to start well to have Ben feeling the pressure. I went to 2-0 up but then Ben came digging in and played good tenni. He wend 3/2 up then i made it go 3 all then Ben took the 7th game. Feeling the support of the crowd i dug deep and found myself 5/4 up 40-15 up as I changed ends to the receivers side and had a last Gallery chase to beat. Ben serve a one bounced rail road that I tried to fizz in but over hit it and Ben smashed a volley under the Grille that I could not chase down. The next point Ben sever another railroad that I volleyed returned that went on the volley in the middle of the court. Ben hit hi on the penthouse where i quickly tried to to get around to be on my forehand side but it bounced awkwardly so I quickly changed to my backhand and tried to hit a gallery and missed high and Ben put the easy ball away to make it deuce. The next point I tried to hit and inside out force to the dedan obn Ben's backhand side but missed low and Ben Hit a backhand towards the grille and missed by only a foot but the ball inexplicably rolled when it should of been an easy pick up for me. The next point i hi a main wal force low then ben volley back to the middle of the court and i hit a good hard low cut shot to Ben's forehand corner and he got a great get to get it back over and i went for a half volley mainwall force that hit the net. so we are now at 5 all second set and Ben quickly 40 love up then I won a point and then had a chase of 1. So we changed ends I had to defend chase 1. Ben hit a straight force than I managed to middle the ball and find the grille. So it was now 40-30 Ben. I hit another railroad that wasn't tight enough and Ben found a main wall dedan to take the set which was a real sucker blow. Had I taken the set I am sure i would of closed out the match. The next two sets Ben won 6/3 6/3 but it was a very close 6/3 with many deuces and many game points that I didn't take. Ben was just a little better also in the last 2 sets. here is the link to the match if you feel like watching a few minutes

despite not winning I was happy enough with my performance. I have had tough 3 months personally where I have had someone hack my phone and harass me, constantly sending horrible texts to people in court tennis trying to bring me down. Some of you reading this already know about it. I have had to go to the police a couple times to file a report and to get this person to stop. It was happening a lot during the US Pro singles, While on the outside I was pretending it was not affecting me but I was really struggling on the inside. I lost my motivation to train and to practice. I was really unhappy every morning I woke up and had to really try put my game face on around the club. I forced myself to train and to practice but I know I was not able to give my best. I believe the last visit to police has got this person to stop and I already feel in a much better place. I have been working hard again in the gym with Michael Cecchi and I am now looking forward to playing in the Champions trophy at Hampton Court palace in a couple weeks