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The Oratory School exhibition

I arrived in London early yesterday morning. After checking in to my friends place which is fortunately right by Queens Club, I made my way to my old school The Oratory for an exhibition with Rob Fahey.

Lots of people came out to watch which was great. New faces, old faces and students. When the marker announced my name as an old oratorian there was a huge roar that gave me tingles down the back of my spine. It was very surreal .

I wasn't sure how seriously Rob was going to take the exhibition. After the first game took 10 minutes I realized he was going to try hard, he was going to use it as one last good hit before his first match in the British Open on Wednesday.

The first set was close for the most part but Rob broke away at 3 All to win the first set 6/3.

The second set I started off the better of the two and went 5/0 up. I was hitting the ball well. Rob got a couple of games before I closed out the set 6/2.

We started the 3rd set at 3 all and I managed to sneak of the line and win the match 3/6 6/2 6/5. We were giving a standing ovation and that was very cool.


After the match a few kids wanted selfies and autographs which was a fun experience. I also got to catch up with old members who rembered me as little boy causing havoc for my dad at the club :) There are so many fond memories for me growing up at the Oratory, it never gets old hearing members tell me how great a club it was when my dad ran it and how much they miss us all being there.

My first match in The British Open is tomorrow Sunday 12th November at 10am UK time. It's on the T&RA YouTube channel. I'm feeling confident with how I am playing and I am hoping this will be my breakthrough tournament.

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