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Training With Michael Cecchi

Michael Cecchi owns Bridge to fitness with his wife Lisa. His gym was voted the best gym in Rhode Island in 2017. Their gym is not the biggest gym in the state but it is full of heart. You feel so welcome every time you go there. The trainers are so motivating and positive. The people who train there are all so friendly. It's not like any other gym I have been a member of. I feel like I am part of a club, not just some gym.

I first met Michael through Doug Shear in 2015. I would train with Doug and Mike from time to time. I was impressed with Michael's knowledge on fitness and the amount of different exercises he had at his disposal.

Camden Riviere hired Michael Cecchi to get him ready for the 2016 World Championship which he won. I saw first hand how much quicker, fitter and how much better his footwork had become. I was in awe of the work they had done together. Michael played a big part in helping Camden win his first World Championship.I was determined to become one of the best players in the world. The first thing I needed to to to make my dream become a reality, was to hire Michael to train me on a regular basis.

I now train with Michael 3 times a week. Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday Doug Shear kindly let me join his private PT sessions. Wednesday, I am on my own with Michael at 6 am.

I also train twice a week on my own, keeping my workouts following The Michael Cecchi program.

Michael works hard with me to improve my power, speed and core strength to help make me a fitter and more agile real tennis player.

Below is an example of a what a workout with Michael is like.

Nick Wednesday WO

1000m row warm up

Agility warmup(WU)

Lunge w/rotation

High knees/heels to butt

High knee skips

Lateral shuffles


Strength WU

Single leg RDL

Band pull aparts

Small box depth jump w/lateral hurdle hop(stick landing)

MB split squat/wall throw catch each legx3 each side

4 rds

Trap bar dead lift

Bulgarian split squats

KB swings

3 rds

Strict bar OH press

Band triceps(failure)


Trap bar Dead lift x

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